Monday, November 28, 2011

Padam Padam posters are out

When they described Kim Bum’s character from Padam Padam as being the “guardian angel” who watches over the blossoming love between Jung Woo-sung and Han Ji-min, I didn’t think they were going to make it a literal guardian angel… or that their idea of guardian angel would be closer to fairy princess.

But fairy princess angel or no, it appears the Noh Hee-kyung vehicle (writer of such dramas as The World They Live In and Goodbye Solo) will pepper its “miraculous love” story with a touch of whimsy. I’m starting to see what they meant by the descriptor fantasy-melo.

I can’t help wishing they’d added a fourth poster to the mix, though, featuring the inevitable bromance between the two boys, who look just as adorable together (if not more) than the main coupling anyway. Oh, well. Angel wings will have to do.

Padam Padam premieres on December 5 on jTBC.