Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lie To Me Ep 7 Korean Drama

Lie To Me Ep 7 Korean Drama
Lie To Me Episode 7 Korea Drama. Welcome to the KD korean drama blog, this time I will discuss about Lie To Me Episode 7 Korean drama. Lie to Me ep 7 comes with a fresh new story. For a full recap of this seventh episode can be found in dramabeans or koalas. Well here I will try to make a few notes about the synopsis that runs on Lie To Me eps 7. May be useful for you, let us refer to below.

Lie To Me Ep 7 Korean Drama will be far more pleasant than in episode 6. Here there will be more kissing scenes (romance: LOL:) you certainly would wonder. Here KD Korean Drama do not provide streaming, so you have to look it up on websites that provide them. You can watch Lie To Me Episode 7 English Sub. Immediately following is a synopsis of Lie To Me Episode 7.

Synopsis Lie To Me Episode 7

So the preview begins with KJ's aunt arrived at his house and asked him if he was in the midst of the party. Told him that they were his friends but he hinted why he had never seen them before. We see a shy aunt sing JB SR but KJ's love it and laugh. Ah Jung walked out with KJ follow. He was angry with him (probably because of the kiss) and asked him why he acts when he could just do his own lying. Aunt KJ is now suspect that there is something between KJ and AJ and we see the Park Manager with KJ in the elevator and told him that he swore he protects Sang Hee.

The couple went to watch a movie and then go to the bar for a drink. AJ talking to someone about how someone does things childish or unexpected like suddenly appeared at her home or calling for something neat. YJ KJ asked if they could start all over again because they do not actually broken and the last scene shows KJ holding something in his hand while walking around looking for someone.