Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dong Yi, Jewel In The Crown

If you're a big fan of character in Dae Jang Geum "Jewel in the Palace" which was so popular a few years ago, chances are you'll love the Dong Yi. Both series have similar storylines. Dong Yi, and Jang Geum same story about the struggle of ordinary women who succeeded in realizing their ambitions. Actor Ji Jin-hee who had a role as Min Jung Ho in "Jewel in the Palace", is back as King Sook Jong. Co-star actress Han Hyo Joo who plays Choi Dong Yi. Enthusiasts Hyo Joo as Go Eun Sung in "Brilliant Legacy" certainly curious about acting styles in the genre serial saeguk.

Actor Bae Soo Bin, associate play Hyo Joo in "Brilliant Legacy", also playing in this series. Here, Bae's role as Cha Soo Chun, macho guy who is good martial arts and sword play. He always protect and maintain the Dong Yi.

Dong Yi adventure story consisting of 60 episodes, with the background of the Joseon Dynasty in the reign of King Jong Sook. Tells of the struggle Choi Dong Yi, daughter of a coroner named Choi Hyo Won. Hyo Won Choi is the leader Geumgae (Sword Fraternity), a secret society founded to help cheonmin (people with the lowest social class or slave), which is not fair. KD Korean Drama

However, Geumgae scapegoats for a series of Dong Yi, Jewel In The Crownkillings of government officials. Hyo Won Choi and his son, Dong-Joo Choi, was murdered while trying to escape. Stay Dong Yi escapist alone.

After adolescence, Dong Yi entered the palace as a servant of water. He is determined to uncover the conspiracy that killed his father and older brother. Thanks to intelligence and forensic expertise, Dong Yi managed to gain the trust and made the ladies in the palace. Honesty and tenacity make King Dong Yi Jong Sook fall in love. The king then made ​​his favorite concubine Dong Yi. Furthermore, Dong Yi gave birth to Prince Yeon Ing, who would become King Yeongjo, king of the Joseon Dynasty-21.

"Dong Yi, Jewel in the Crown" charming the eye with the beauty and richness of Korean culture. Directed by Lee Byung Hoon expose the beauty of the castle and its unique traditional culture of Korea. The series is studded elegance of hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) with beautiful embroidery and hairdo unique nobility. Various tools of traditional Korean music and dance were also displayed here. Besides entertaining, the series also increase your knowledge of Korean culture.

Dong Yi, Jewel In The Crown