Monday, November 28, 2011

Vampire Prosecutor Episode 9 Korean Drama

Crime scene, broad daylight. Soon-bum leans in close to get a good look at the victim’s bloodied face, and immediately shrinks back in fear. You’d wonder what could possibly rattle a homicide detective’s chains, but it’s not so much the gore as it is the guy. He recognizes the victim immediately as a mob boss.

Tae-yeon gives him a look like, what’re you, afraid of a bug? But Soon-bum steps back, insisting they wash their hands of this case and toss it onto someone else. Getting metaphor-happy, he says, “We’ll just get our clothes dirty, and not even collect the dry cleaning bill!”

Tae-yeon gives him a hilarious Whatthefuck Face, and sweeps the dust off of Soon-bum’s jacket, “I think you’ve been wearing these clothes for way too long. I think it might be time for you to take them off!” I wish he meant it in the dirty way, but no, he means being stripped of his prosecutor’s coat.

He shouts Soon-bum’s name and title so loudly that everyone at the crime scene can hear it. Well that’s one way to ensure he stays on the case. They snipe at each other through gritted teeth, and then Tae-yeon flashes him the most adorable smile ever. GAH. If I could bottle that and sell it, I would.